We are dedicated to equipping our learners with transferable core skills to help them thrive and become confident Software Engineers.

Addressing the skills gap, we provide a pipeline of energetic, language agnostic students prepared to add value to organisations quickly and effectively.

If you’re an employer looking for talented and diverse people to join your team, we’d love to talk to you.

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Just a few benefits of hiring from us...

Zero recruitment fees

Unlike other coding schools, we don't operate on a recruitment model. We want our students to find employment quickly.

We do, however, want to work with employers that have strong support structures in place who will support our students in their personal development.

Consistent quality

Our teaching team are all Software Engineers employed in the tech industry, teaching our sessions in the evenings and weekends around their roles.

You can rest assured therefore that they are teaching students current technologies and practices, and maintaining an up-to-date curriculum.

Ongoing support

Our graduates retain lifelong access to our vast community of staff, learners and alumni that they can go to for support, freeing up valuable mid-level/senior capacity.

Graduates also retain access to our comprehensive learning material, bringing additional knowledge to your organisation.

Remote ready

Our students learn and collaborate remotely using tools such as Zoom, Google Hangouts, Trello, Slack and GitHub to work effectively.

All students will be confident using these tools, and upon finishing will have 6 months of experience in shipping code and working in teams remotely.

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Diversity in the face of adversity

We encourage people from all walks of life to apply for our courses, so you can ensure that no hire from us is like the last.

In these challenging times, it's become clearer just how important diversity is for organisations. A more diverse workforce equals a company that better tailors its products and services to its customers.



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