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Announcing the Mae Jemison Scholarship

Recent developments in America, around the death of George Floyd, have sparked anger, frustration and heartbreak in America and across the world. We are all currently bearing witness to actions that are the opposite of what we stand for.

Taking inspiration from SpaceX launching its Crew Dragon spacecraft in the same week, we have decided to launch our Mae Jemison Scholarship. Mae Jemison was the first Black astronaut to travel in space.

Manchester Codes is a coding school first and foremost, we specialise in providing software development skills. We recognise and champion the need for wider diversity within the industry, in all of its forms. We have historically awarded, at our discretion, scholarships to women and people from BAME backgrounds and to those from low socio-economic backgrounds.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion is in the fabric and DNA of our organisation and we still currently offer a Gender Minority Grant which promotes the need for increasing the number of women.

We know that we don’t have the answers for all the systemic problems, although we have been able to extend our solidarity with the Black community and do our small part in helping liberate communities who have been historically oppressed by making tangible contributions.

Today we will open applications for our Mae Jemison Scholarship, giving 5 scholarship spaces for our Software Engineer FlexiTrack course.

Before applying for this Scholarship:

  • You must be from a Black or Ethnic minority

  • You must be over 16 years of age

  • Have access to the Internet

  • Have access to a working laptop (We can loan laptops if required)

To apply for our Scholarship please head here. Each place is worth £2250.

The deadline to apply is 14th June 2020.