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Decoding BOOTCAMP: What is it, and how is it different from others?

Here at Command Shift, we offer our BOOTCAMP course. This is our bumper, super comprehensive, software engineering course. But what actually is it? And how does it work? In this post, let’s break it down into the following questions… What will you learn? How will you learn it? When will you learn it? Who is BOOTCAMP for? Why should you do it? So let’s get into it…

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What will you learn during BOOTCAMP?

Over the course of 6 months, you will learn all the skills needed to become a fully-fledged Junior Software Developer. You will learn the basics of the Command Line, all the way through to agile working, and professional skills such as how to work and manage groups effectively.

We pride our BOOTCAMP on containing everything you need to know in order to succeed in the industry, and are constantly adapting it to include industry standards. It’s also a full-stack course, which means it covers both front- and backend. This gives you the understanding of how an app is created from start to finish, and is a very sought after skill in the industry.

Across the course, your learning will follow this path:


  • Command Line

  • CSS

  • Javascript,

  • Test Driven Development,

  • Developer Best Practices


  • Deploying to servers

  • Relational databases

  • Internet, the web, and HTTP

  • API Development


  • React

  • Web requests

  • ES6

  • Deploying to server

Group Projects

  • Managing a project

  • Working as a team

  • Thinking outside the box

For more information about what each of these things are and why they’re important, check out our curriculum page here.

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But how does it work?

Our course is 100% remote and part-time. We teach virtually in live lessons, through online meeting rooms such as Google Meet. Each lecture is recorded and uploaded to the cohort Slack channel, so that you can rewatch or catch up later.

Each cohort has a Slack channel where they can communicate with tutors, ask questions, or catch up with their classmates. This is where students ask questions between lessons, post events they’re attending, and chat with other members of staff such as Alice, our Head of Student Operations, about careers.

Each lecture is split into different sections, usually looking like this:

  • Introductions

  • Main lecture

  • Breakout rooms + practice

  • Main room for clarifications, discussion and questions.

Plus we have Saturday support sessions for any questions or 1-1 help you may need (more on this in the next section).

We have a range of flexible finance options, including our 24-month interest free instalment plan, or you can pay the tuition upfront at £7250. We’ll run through each of the options in a call with you when you apply, so that you can find the right option for you.

When will you learn?

You will have 2 3-hour lessons per week, either on a Monday and Wednesday, or a Tuesday and Thursday, 6:30-9:30PM, plus Saturday codehangs for support.

These three hour lessons will follow the above structure, whereas Saturday is much more relaxed. The Saturday codehang session is completely optional, and works as a drop-in format. There will be tutors present to help with any questions or to go over something in the lecture. It’s a very laid back support session lasting from 10AM to 4PM.

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Who is BOOTCAMP for?

BOOTCAMP is for anyone who wants to learn to code. Simple as that.

Our course starts off covering the basics of coding and fundamental knowledge, and builds upon this to a Junior Developer level. So whether you’ve never coded before, or picked it up as a lockdown hobby, BOOTCAMP is for you.

It’s for career changers, aspiring developers, or people wanting to jumpstart their tech career. We’ve had alumni from all different industries, including: Chefs, Retail Store Managers, Physios, Engineering Quality Managers, Teachers, Dentists, and so much more! Whatever your background, if you want to jumpstart your career in tech, BOOTCAMP is for you.

Plus, we work with a mixture of hiring partners; host events with industry experts; and help with career skills; to give you everything you need to succeed in tech. Ready to launch your tech career? We’ve got you.

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Why BOOTCAMP vs others?

There are a lot of coding bootcamps out there, so why should you choose to start your career with us? Well, that’s easy, check out why…

We are people focused

At Command Shift, we want you to succeed, and will do everything we can to help you do that. We see our students as people, not just numbers on a page. If you want to work in game design, we’ll find events, connections, and companies to help you get there. If you are struggling, we’ll help find a solution - a resource that could help, an alumni student mentor, or extra support.

We work around you

Our BOOTCAMP course is completely remote and part time, with lessons in the evening. You can keep your day job, spend time with your family, and keep earning whilst you study. It’s risk free.

Our tutors are working Developers

You will be taught by industry experts. All of our tutors have day jobs as developers in the industry, so you can be rest assured that you’re learning actual industry skills and best practices. Plus, we constantly adapt our curriculum to include the most recent industry updates, so you’ll be ahead of the game when it comes to interviews.

We'll teach you everything you need to succeed

At Command Shift, we want to see you succeed in tech. So we cover everything you need to get there. Not just superb comprehensive curriculum and technical skills, but also exceptional career skills. From setting up and optimising your LinkedIn profile, to how to catch employers’ attention on socials, we help you with it all. We also host a variety of events with our hiring partners and industry leaders to get exclusive insight into the tech world and new opportunities.

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For more information, feel free to reach out via email at [email protected] . We’ll be happy to answer any questions, or discuss whether our BOOTCAMP is the right fit for you. Or, ready to jumpstart your tech career today? Apply now and we’ll get you ready to start on our next cohort starting in the New Year!

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