Ethan Davis

What’s your name?

Ethan Davis

What were you doing before the course?

Web Accountant Executive @ 4imprint

What are you doing now?

Junior Software developer @ Mission Labs

Is the course difficult?

The course material is very challenging but the step-by-step approach meant it was never too difficult to fully understand the subject.

How much time a week would you recommend studying?

I would definitely recommend committing an extra 14 hours at least on top of the 6 hours of classroom (virtual for my cohort) study to keep on top of the work.

What happened after you finished the course?

Since Graduating in October Manchester Codes have continued to support me in my attempt to begin a career as a Software Developer with interview prep, CV and cover letter reviews. Their constant support has now helped me gain my first role in tech as a Junior Software Engineer.

Would you recommend us?

I would definitely recommend Manchester Codes to anyone who is looking to learn to code!

How can we follow your journey?

Where can we find your final project?

Command Shift logo
Office One, 1 Coldbath Square