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How to create a Developers Mindset

We reached out to our community to get their top tips when retraining as a Junior Developer:

1) Keep working on your soft skills, you’ll need to develop these alongside your hard skills throughout your career

  • Have you worked in hospitality? Here’s some transferable skills

  • Great communication skills

  • Working under pressure

  • Worked collaboratively in a team environment

2) Don’t silo yourself. Get involved in lots of things and start practising how to join the dots that no one else can see.

3) Junior doesn't mean you can't make decisions. Get involved in the wider conversations and planning!

4) Be disciplined with your time and focus. Our community LOVES the Pomodoro Technique.

5) Find your own community. Whether that’s through in person or online networking events, connecting with people on Twitter, LinkedIn or Slack groups.

6) Just remember, one problem at a time!

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