Tell us a little bit about you/your background e.g. previous coding experience, job situation before the course, motivations for taking on a coding course etc

Previous to joining the course I had recently been made redundant from my job. I found myself in a position in looking to get into a career that was in demand and chose coding (a really good decision).

Have you got a new job in tech since completing the course?


Where is your new role?

Oliver James Associates

How long did it take you to get this job?

I managed to secure this role 3 weeks before the end of the course.

What's your experience been like in the new role so far?

Fantastic. Switching to new technologies was daunting at the start, but I’m really starting to enjoy it. I gained valuable experience from Command Shift in managing projects - approaching work with an agile work set has really set me apart from other coders. It has also taught me how to quickly and efficiently pickup and learn new skills.

What do you plan to do next with your new skills? - projects, tutoring/mentoring, new job/promotion, etc.

I use my current skills from the course every day at work. I aid fellow teammates in problems with JavaScript, and I am currently on the road to a promotion in the not too distant future, despite having only worked in the company for just under 4 months.

Why did you choose Command Shift over other courses?

Command Shift was the cheaper alternative and offers great value for money on their courses.

What did you enjoy about Command Shift?

Command Shift was a life changing experience for me. You are joining a community of helpful likeminded people always willing to help - even after the course. Furthermore I also enjoyed the course material which features a fun curriculum of applications, and real work scenarios to test and train your skills.

What did you find challenging at Command Shift?

The most challenging part for me was leaving. After 6 months of attending classes (and this becoming routine in my life) I really miss going to my classes and learning something each day. However, my job has a very similar feeling to the course in terms of growth and development.

How did you maintain a balance between work/study/life?

I was a very committed student. I worked a job as a labourer to help fund the course so I would go to work at 6 - 5 and then go to the course 6:30 - 9. Though a lot, this still gave me ample time to study in my spare time.

Anything else you'd like to add about your experience on the course?

The support and guidance is paramount. Four months after finishing the course, I still speak to members of my cohort and still receive assistance from the tutors. The tutors are truly expert in their craft.

If someone was on the fence about doing the course, what would you tell them?

Do it, don’t think about it, it’s a no brainer. If your spending your time on sites like Freecodecamp or Codecademy, Command Shift really is the next step to becoming hireable as a Software Developer as well as being a valuable addition to any technical team.

What advice would you give to others who are doing the course now?

Katas (small coding problems) are your best friends for training skills. Don’t be afraid to ask for help in Slack.

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