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Masters of Code: Chris Edwards: From Kitchen to Code with Command Shift

Welcome to our new Masters of Code series! We’ve been chatting with some of our amazing alumni all about their experiences working in tech and studying at Command Shift, and we thought we’d share. So to kickoff this series, this is Chris. He graduated in May this year, and is smashing it in his new role at Bensons for Beds. Here’s what he said about his experience…

What were you doing before Command Shift?

Before Command Shift, I was a chef for about 13 years. It’s a big shift, but now I’m working as a front end developer.

How has the course set you up for your job?

The course was really comprehensive. It gave me not just the skills but a lot of confidence when discussing tech. The final project was my favourite part, even if it was a bit sad to see it end. It was great because we got to apply what we learned in a real way but we still had support from the tutors. It allowed us to tackle bigger problems and really see what we could do.

BrainWhat would you say to someone who’s on the fence about joining the Command Shift BOOTCAMP?

If you’re thinking about a career change, don’t hesitate. Joining Command Shift was genuinely the best decision I’ve made career wise. I’m so much happier and fulfilled in both my life and career now.

Command Shift alternative logoWhy did you choose Command Shift over other bootcamps?

I did look at other bootcamps, but some were too pushy and didn’t offer the flexibility I needed with my day job. I still had to earn while learning, after all. Choosing Command Shift was also influenced by speaking to Joe. He answered all my questions and really gave me the confidence to take the leap.

Chat bubbleWant to hear more from our students?

Check out our socials, and watch out for more Masters of Code posts coming soon! Or, if you would like to chat with a student directly, then feel to reach out and we’ll happily put you in touch with one of our alumni, or go say hi over on LinkedIn!

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