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Masters of Code: July Moss

It’s our second instalment of our Masters of Code series! This week we’ve been chatting with the amazing July Moss, who graduated in May 2022, went on to work with Robotic Processes, and is now working as a RPA Developer. We asked July all about her experience at Command Shift, and choosing a bootcamp, so let’s get started…

What were you doing before Command Shift?

I worked in the Public Sector for 5 years before joining Command Shift, and I am now a RPA developer at an automation consultancy.

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How has the course set you up for your job?

The curriculum and dev environment set up of Command Shift is very structured and also practical. It helped me to explore my potential and discover my personal interest and career path, especially during the Final Project stage. I was very lucky to find my first developer job at the end of my final project that highly matched my interest.

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What would you say to someone who’s on the fence about joining the Command Shift BOOTCAMP?

When I want to try something new or make changes in my life, if financially it's doable, I never question myself "can I do it?", I only ask myself "do I want it?". If I do, I will go for it with all my time, energy and efforts. None of the attempts have failed so far! That's the main thing people should ask themselves when they want to achieve something new.

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Why did you choose Command Shift over other bootcamps?

The flexibility, timeframe of the course, and available teaching and support resources.

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Want to hear more from our students?

Come say hi on socials, and check out our next Masters of Code post coming soon! And if you fancy a chat with a student, feel free to reach out and we’ll happily introduce you to some of our alumni, or go say hi over LinkedIn!

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