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Meet the Instructor: Whitney

How long have you been coding? How did you get started?

Around 10 years as a hobbyist, 1 year as an employed junior front end developer. I got started by creating a static website for my school as a design project when I was 16.

What do you enjoy about working at Manchester Codes? // New? What are you most looking forward to with working at Manchester Codes?

As an ex-student of Manchester Codes, I really enjoy mentoring students and passing on my hard-won knowledge from one year working as a professional developer. I can be the mentor that I would have loved to have.

What gets you excited about Technology?

The ability to make magical things happen - by using your mind. Coding is like having a super power, it's so much fun!

Favourite language and framework/library/ tool?

JS & React

Least favourite language and framework/library/ tool?

php & Drupal

One piece of advice you have for people fresh to Software development?

Be patient and don't worry when things don't work for mysterious reasons. Don't be afraid to ask questions, there is no question that's too silly to ask. Remember to take breaks. Software problems have a way of solving themselves when you look at them from a fresh perspective.

What did you want to be when you were younger?

Playing in a band, hiking, wild swimming.

What did you want to be when you were younger?

An interior designer. Guess I've not landed too far from it in the end.

If you were stranded on a remote island, alone. What piece of technology/ gadget would you be unable to live without?

My phone (and some kind of a solar-powered charging solution?).

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