A new record salary for one of our graduates

One of our students recently landed a £37,000 starting salary as a Junior Developer!
With £26k being the national average salary for a Junior Developer, we couldn't be happier for our recent graduate who successfully negotiated themselves a £37k starting salary.
Our student got a £9k pay rise from their current position- who said that career changing meant losing out on their salary?

What are your top tips for someone starting or thinking about starting the course?
I started by really looking into tech companies and found out what it would be like to work in a tech team as a Developer.

How did you make the most of the course and did you do any additional learning?

I was really intrigued by design patterns and enterprises and loved this part of the course. I also read up on stand ups and Agile- how did companies work with Agile? How do I effectively work in a tech team?

What are your tips for interviewing?

Be relaxed, know your own value and be confident in yourself. I knew my ability and I knew that I could do this. As much as I want to work there, they should want to have me.

How different was interviewing for a technical role?

60% the standard process, 40% technical- which was different. I found that the people interviewing want to help you. They want to figure out how you write code. Then there’s the usual business scenarios and competency questions.

How did you deal with salary negotiations?

I was very open and if I felt it was too low I wouldn’t go for that- I knew the salary I wanted and kept that in mind.
With a starting salary of £37,000 & £2,000 bonus- we can expect this Manchester Codes Graduate to be interviewing for mid level positions at £50,000 within the next 3-5 years.

If you’re interested in finding out more about career opportunities in Software Development, please contact the team: [email protected]

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