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Jasmine Patel

What’s your name?

Jasmine Amber Patel

What were you doing before the course?

Digital Strategist @ Huddled Media

What are you doing now?

Software Engineer @ Footasylum

Why did you choose Manchester Codes?

Whilst choosing a boot camp to attend I took into consideration many factors, one of the reasons why Manchester Codes appealed was because you can do the course part time whilst still working, which is something I haven't seen offered by anyone else.

Can you sum up your Manchester Codes experience?

I'm amazed at how much the course covered and although I found the projects challenging, they were also really fun to work on. It's amazing looking back now at how much I've learnt through doing this course, it was a massive commitment but I would definitely recommend it to anyone considering a software development boot camp!

How can we follow your journey?


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