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Virtual learning, real-world benefits


Why we’re super positive about our Software Engineer Fast Track programme moving online right now.

By Kirsty Devlin

With all due respect to Phil and Kirsty, it isn’t all about location, location, location right now.  

You might think – with names like Manchester Codes and Leeds Codes – you’d need to be in the North to join our welcoming, well-respected coding school. 

 And normally you’d be right. 

Our 24-week Software Engineer Fast Track programme typically combines in-person learning and self-directed study at home, so our students tend to be local to one of our two city centre bases. 

But, just at the moment, anyone in the world can join us and retrain to be an in-demand software engineering in under six months. Why? Because of COVID.

In a very rare positive from the pandemic, our courses are currently being offered exclusively online. Meaning wherever you are, whatever your reasons, you can retrain for your dream career with Manchester Codes or Leeds Codes.

Why the move to online-only teaching?

Because we think it’s the right thing to do. Although we’re inching towards normality with every vaccine and drop in cases, Covid variants are on the rise and not all of our staff or students have been vaccinated yet. So we think it’s safer and more inclusive to stick to online learning.


More inclusive? Absolutely!

Yes. We pride ourselves on being the warmest and most welcoming coding school around. And we’ve noticed that online teaching during COVID has attracted a more diverse group of students. 

There’s a lot of reasons why people might feel more comfortable in an online-only environment – from physical and emotional health considerations, to the convenience and cost savings of learning from home - so our current shift to online learning is actually a big benefit for lots of new students.

Recently we’ve seen a significant uptake in registrations from People of Colour, people with caring responsibilities, and parents - all adding to the diversity of backgrounds, experience and ideas that make our community such an exciting place to be. 

Plus it’s flexible, predictable and safe

Sticking with online learning just makes sense right now. You can:

  • study at a pace and place that suits you best – perfect if you have family commitments, a busy job or health considerations

  • avoid unnecessary travel to our physical study centres – much as they’re lovely, it’s just not essential to be there 

  • keep studying even if you decide to visit family and stay awhile 

  • relax knowing that whatever changes with COVID and lockdown in the next six months, your studies won’t be affected

And to be honest, who doesn’t want a little bit of stability in the unpredictable world we find ourselves in at the minute?

This is all on top of the other brilliant benefits of studying with us, including:

  • boosting your employability and earning potential in under six months

  • qualifying for your dream career in just 24 weeks of part-time study

  • getting graduate-level skills, without graduate-level debt 

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What does the future look like?

We wish we knew! Until things settle down with COVID and the Government makes firm and clear plans for the safe reopening of society, we’re just going to wait things out.

We’re sticking with online-only teaching for the rest of 2021. And the jury’s still out of 2022. Will there be demand for a return to in-person teaching? Or are the benefits of online learning so big that students will want to stay virtual? 

If you’re interested in face-to-face classes next year, let us know by registering your interest and we’ll keep you informed.

I’m interested in in-person classes in 2022.

But if you’re ready for a change and raring to go, sign up for our next online-only programme now. It starts in September, meaning you could have qualified for your new career by early next year.

I want to retrain online in 2021.