Zein Aji

What’s your name?

Zein Aji

What were you doing before the course?

Cover Teacher @ Little Lever School

What are you doing now?

Graduate Software Developer @ Auto Trader UK

What was your favourite thing about our course?

Before joining, I tried teaching myself coding and web development but it never got me anywhere. I never knew where to start. The course is, however, very well structured, so it solves that problem and allows you to delve properly into it.

I was also worried about balancing it with my day job. However, the content is enjoyable enough that it didn't feel like a chore having to study after work.

How did you find virtual classes?

Two months after starting, we went into lockdown and we had to do it all virtually. The tutors were so supportive and made sure that this didn't affect the delivery of material. They also helped with interview/CV tips. I managed to get a job within a month of finishing the course, which I'm massively grateful for!

How can we follow your journey?


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